February, 2018

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Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Good morning from GRACE Mountain.  Yesterday was traveling day for GRACE Ministries as team #1 went home and team #2 arrived.  Team #2 came in on two separate airlines.  Those flying Delta arrived a few minutes early and enjoyed a normal arrival day.  Those flying United were delayed four hours and did not get to the mission house until 8:30PMish.

Why the delay?  Basically it seems to have come down to a pilot’s decision.  Reminded me of a situation with another airline back in 2003 or so.  The first crew timed out and another crew came in so that pilot decided to fly.

The volcano had zero effect on GRACE Mountain and the surrounding area – zero!  You may say, “but social media” and I would simply say that social media cannot always be trusted.  Those who contacted me personally yesterday were surprised to hear that all was well here.  We are grateful to God.

So, we will begin an hour late this morning which goes against my personality big time.  However, this is not about me!  I am delighted that Pastor Terry Rainey is with us again.  We have locked him in a padded room and will not let him come out except to lead our morning devotions!

Pray for this team.  Thank you for keeping up with us.  Blessings!