Written by Teddie on August 1st, 2017

I failed to mention yesterday that we had another wedding engagement take place on GRACE Mountain on Sunday afternoon.  She said “yes!”  Who?  Justin Yarborough proposed to Eva Mareno.  Congratulations to Justin & Eva!

Also, work began yesterday on expanding the existing feeding center building.  Plans call for that expansion to be finished by the end of October.  Pray for that project.

The team had a really good Monday.  Began by going to My Special Treasure and feeding breakfast (pancakes, sausage, black beans, breakfast bar and drink) to one hundred thirty three students.

A group then came back to GRACE Mountain and spent the day working at the feeding center.  Those folks had a blessed time.

The building teams were able to finish two houses that were started on Saturday and then build eight more bringing the total built to twenty five.  The concrete crew was able to pour concrete in twelve houses meaning all twenty five now have concrete.  The finishing crew finished all twenty five as well which means the original twenty five are completely finished.  Amazing!

One team went to Santo Domingo and put up the frame for the house for the family from the feeding center.  It will be finished today.

We have added four more houses in the village so those will be built and finished today, Lord willing.

All is well.  Have four ministry opportunities today.  Updates tomorrow.  Blessings!


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