Written by Teddie on August 2nd, 2017

The team once again went to My Special Treasure and fed the students breakfast.  Two special mornings of doing that thus far.  A good size group then came back to the feeding center while the others went to build four more houses.  Those four houses were built, concreted and finished in a matter of a couple of hours which brings the total built this trip in that village to twenty nine.

Another team went and finished building the house for Esvin’s family.  It will receive concrete and be completed today.

The team hosted a food distribution for the ninety families involved in our feeding center ministry late yesterday afternoon.  Lots of hugs and smiles.  Thanks to Lazaro, Glendy & Kirk for coordinating this ministry opportunity.

The team then hosted ten state police members for supper.  Four of those guys were here in June but the other six were new.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and we presented them with a gift.

We were very surprised yesterday when a call came from the Governor of Chimaltenango (Chimaltenango is a city and a state – think New York City and state) saying that he had heard about GRACE Ministries and wanted to come meet us.  He and his entourage of four others arrived a little after 8:00PM, had supper and engaged in conversation.  Productive time as he is going to work on getting the road from El Tejar repaired.  If you have been here then you know that would be huge!  What a blessing to meet the Governor.

Today is dedication day after feeding the students at My Special Treasure again.

Pray for this team.  Thanks for checking on them.  Blessings!


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  1. Tina Wilkinson says:

    Thank you for doing the food distribution for our children. My baby needs all the food she can get. Wow the Governor!!!! Maybe he could help us get those Christmas gifts down there.

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