As always, today will be another busy day around Friendship with our morning service at 10:00AM, senior high Bible study and children’s choir at 6:00PM, junior high Bible study, mission friends, RA’s, GA’s, and prayer meeting at 7:00PM, and college/young professionals Bible study at 8:00PM.  As you can see, there is an opportunity for every member of the family to join us in a Bible study/worship experience. 

Audrey Brooks, Judy Ziglar, and Neal Barnes remained hospitalized.  I am not for certain if Mickey Howard is still in the hospital.  Alisia Crawley’s mother, Mary Burkholder, is very near passing from this life.  I spent several hours with Alisia last night and really didn’t expect Mrs. Burkholder to live through the night.  However, it is now a little after 8:00AM and I just spoke to Alisia via the phone and the situation remains unchanged.  Pray for Mrs. Burkholder and the family during this time. 

Our printed newsletter will be mailed today via the U.S. postal service.  We are attempting to move interested folks to an e-newsletter.  If you would like to receive the newsletter electronically, please contact the church office at 445-5412 or

Jerrod Brown, campus minister at the University of South Alabama, and a group of students who are a part of the Baptist Campus Ministries are presently in Guatemala doing ministry/missions.  They have been joined by one school teacher from Canada who is also on Spring break.  He was connected through our missionary friend, Mark Mast.  Pray for this group as they finish the week. 

Please pray about what the Lord would have you to give to our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for home missions.  Our goal is $10,000. 

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