Happy New Year as we begin this second day of 2008!  I was very lazy yesterday as I watched three or four of the bowl games.  No offense to Rick Bradley, Senior or Junior, but I was happy to see Lloyd Carr get a win in his final game as Michigan’s coach.  (I would have also been happy to see Tim Tebow win!) The coaching situation in college athletics has gotten crazy so it was good to see one of the “nice” guys finish first!  I was also glad to see Georgia win last night as I am a fan of Coach Mark Richt.  Did Arkansas win? 

For many of us, today marks the return of “normal” life as work and school resume.  Cottage Hill Academy returns to class today, Faith Academy tomorrow, and the public schools on Monday.  We are back on a regular schedule today with a service this morning at 10:00AM, senior high Bible at 6:00PM, junior high Bible, classes, and prayer meeting at 7:00PM, and our college/young professionals Bible study at 8:00PM. 

Chris Taylor has been looking into some ways to change our blog.  I have been checking out some other blogs in recent weeks and he is trying to incorporate some of those ideas.  I appreciate his efforts.  Hopefully, our entire website design will be changing in the near future.  Stay tuned!

The two brothers who survived the tiger attack in the San Fran zoo on Christmas Day are now reported to be saying their initial calls for help were not taken seriously.  I wonder how many lost folks around us are feeling the same way?  I pray that in 2008 we will take seriously the command to make disciples of all nations and, for us, that begins in South Mobile County. 

I hope a number of you are planning on reading through the Bible in 2008.  If so, chapters 4 – 6 in Genesis would be today’s reading. 

Members of the Friendship family are asked to please note that the ordination service for Wes Bates scheduled for this Sunday, 1/6, will begin at 5:00PM.  We will be joined by the members of the Durant Chapel Baptist Church and we will host a fellowship immediately following that service so we need lots of food! 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus! 

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