TUESDAY, 1/8/08

This entry is really late today but sometimes things happen for a reason.  I just received a call from Jeannie Sciple informing me that her husband, Jim Sciple, had a heart catheterization this morning and didn’t do so well.  They have scheduled him for by-pass surgery first thing tomorrow morning.  According to Jeannie, a front artery is 99% blocked and the doctor says it has to be by-passed now or it could prove to be fatal.  He has a couple of other blockages too.  Pray for Jim as he prepares mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. for this procedure. 

Ted Ezell & Winston Etheredge are undergoing surgery today.  Bro. Kerry & Bro. Jerry are with these guys and/or their families during this time.  Pray that all will go well. 

I just finished a very informative meeting with Terry Stephan who coordinates mission work for Dauphin Way Baptist Church.  He led a team to Guatemala in November and will be leading another one in April.  These teams are basically made up of folks from within churches of the Mobile Baptist Association.  Terry is doing a great job of introducing folks to mission trips.  He has trips scheduled for Athens, Greece; London, England; and Mexico in the coming months.  If interested, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Terry. 

Well the SEC once again proved to be the dominant conference in college football as LSWho won it all last night against another one of those Little Eleven Conference teams.  (Why would you have eleven teams in a league and call it the Big Ten?)  I told Ross Genzink earlier today that we have teams like those in the Little Eleven – we call ’em high school teams! 

Lisa arrived home safely last night and it only took her about six hours to clean the house!  (Can you say, “Happy Camper?”)  They had a great time in Chicago and I appreciate Mark Mast giving them the heads up on where to go, what to do, et cetera.  It is unbelievable but that trip actually saved me money! 

Speaking of Mark, there have been several comments on the debt issue so make sure to go back and read them. 

I hope you have a great Tuesday afternoon with Jesus. 

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