FRIDAY, 1/18/08

This entry is coming from the Le Pavillon Hotel in New Orleans, LA.  Lisa and I drove over late yesterday afternoon in order to be here for Willie Pierre’s surgery.  Originally, it was scheduled to be an early surgery but now has been set for 11:00AM.  Pray for Willie as this is a serious surgery. 

Wendy Johnston is having surgery in Mobile this morning.  Bro. Kerry is with Wendy and her family during this procedure.  Pray for Wendy. 

Exie Woods remains hospitalized as does Vaughn Womack.  The visitation for John Smith is tonight at 1st Baptist. 

The team from Moline, MI traveling to Guatemala yesterday placed 20 folks on Delta and 20 folks on Continental.  The ones on Continental went through Houston and arrived on time.  However, the ones on Delta went through Atlanta and the weather forced them to leave Grand Rapids late which means they missed their connection in ATL.  So, hopefully they will arrive in Guatemala shortly after noon today. 

Members of the Friendship family are asked to remember the GRACE meal this Sunday.  Also, the deadline for paying the various deposits i.e. summer GRACE trips, Wild Week is January 30th.  That also is the deadline for students to turn in their order forms for the gourmet apples. 

Game night and late night bowling take place this Sunday night. 

Lisa and I are scheduled to get home at some point this afternoon and then we will be joined by the seven girls (11 – 12 year olds) from our Upward team for a slumber party!  We should be in great shape for our 8:00AM game tomorrow! 

I hope you will have a great day with Jesus.   

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