MONDAY, 1/28/08

This entry is way late but my day has been fairly crazy and busy up to this point.  I could have squeezed in an entry ealier but it would have been a rushed job and T. Garrett really gets upset when I make mistakes.  (I think that I am realizing he IS indeed Beth’s son!)  I thought Deidra, Lindsey Hatcher & Jennifer Wetterer were my harshest critics but I was wrong – that honor belongs to Mr. T in New York City!

Good day yesterday as God blessed our services.  It was a joy to have Lee & Wendy Chandler join the Friendship family during the 10:30AM invitation.  Personally, I thought Mitchell Foxx did a great job in the evening service of just being transparent and allowing us to see what God has done and is doing in his life.  Welcome Lee & Wendy into the Friendship family and pray for Mitchell. 

I did not get to see Miss Exie this morning as the nurses were in her room doing some type of a procedure.  I did see Vaughn Womack and he is doing well as he will receive one more bag of treatment.  The doctor tells him that it will then get bad for a few days.  Pray for Vaughn. 

I received an e-mail from Jeff Long (Africa) telling me that his sister-in-law has received a miracle in her battle with lung cancer – praise the Lord! 

Pastor Travis, I have not been able to make contact with our preacher friend but will keep trying.  He must be out of town. 

Bret, you going to give me any details on your meeting which took place last night? 

Laurie Chandler celebrated the big “50” yesterday!  (And she looks so young!)  Diane Bryant and Korie Fontenot are celebrating a birthday today.  Korie is 17 and Diane is a few years older!  Happy birthday ladies! 

We are in our final week of Upward basketball.  Bro. Benny has done a nice job of coordinating these leagues this year.  Our awards ceremony will take place Saturday night at 7:00PM. 

This Wednesday, 1/30, is deadline Wednesday – for the Wild Week deposits, for the GRACE summer trip deposits, and for the gourmet apples orders. 

Hope you have a good afternoon and evening with Jesus! 

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