THURSDAY, 3/13/08

We had a blessed day in our services yesterday morning and last night.  It was good to have Pastor Jeff Switzer join us for the 7:00PM service.  Jeff is a brother to Joey and pastors a Methodist church in the Philadelphia, MS area. 

Idice Reeves was moved to a local convalescent home facility yesterday.  James Swann remains hospitalized as does Phyllis Bush’s mother and Marily Thomas’ mother. 

The arrangements for Sandy Atchison, Daphne Patterson’s aunt, are:  visitation tonight from 6:00 – 9:00PM at the Lathan Funeral Home in Chatom, AL with the service taking place tomorrow morning at 11:00AM from the funeral home’s chapel. 

Doug posted his second entry about the Guatemala trip yesterday.  You can find it at  “Troy’s boys” were excited last night that only 96 hours, 23 minutes, and 10 seconds remained before Troy comes home! 

I was surfing the net last night after our college/young professionals Bible study and came across some interesting stories like the elderly couple in Arizona who were found to be keeping almost 800 small dogs in their triple wide trailer and other buildings on their property. 

Like the guy in California who is accused of keeping his girlfriend’s deceased body on dry ice for the past year or so.  He lives in an upscale hotel and the authorities found her body in a rubbermaid container. 

Like the lady in Kansas who was found stuck to her boyfriend’s toilet seat.  She had been sitting there for two years!  She was literally taken to the hospital with the toilet seat stuck to her body.  Folks, I am not making these stories up as they all were reported on Fox News.  Wow! 

Today is Daryn Kuiper’s 26th birthday!  Daryn is a good friend and a strong supporter of GRACE Ministries.  He is about to take the plunge as he and Kira Ellens will unite in marriage on 3/29.  Happy birthday Daryn! 

I hope that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus. 

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