THURSDAY, 4/10/08

The Lord blessed us with a good day yesterday in our various services, Bible studies, classes, et cetera.  We serve a good God! 

No significant changes on the prayer list with the exception that we learned last night that Candy Povilonis is in the hospital.  Word is that she is supposed to come home today. 

Pattie Suthoff was taken to the hospital late yesterday afternoon with chest pains but I haven’t heard from Bernard or Pattie as to the results.  Larry Whitehurst is to have his stress test today.  It appears everything is fine but because of family history the doctor wants to do run this test. 

Pastor Roscoe Wentworth is preaching at Helena Baptist tonight for Bro. Robbie’s 50th anniversary celebration.  That service begins at 7:00PM as does the Saturday night service where I will be preaching.  Again, I am inviting all members of the Friendship family to join me for that Saturday service. 

We presently have 22 pastor’s conference scholarships either pledged or money in hand.  Indications are that several others either pledged last night or will do so this Sunday.  My goal is 50 by this Sunday and 100 by the end of the month.  Thank you to each person who is helping make this conference a reality for those Guatemalan pastors. 

I hope you will have a great Thursday with Jesus. 

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