MONDAY, 4/21/08


I received a good report from Bro. Jerry about the services at Friendship yesterday.  He complimented Dale, Ed, & Benny for jobs well done in bringing the message.  I appreciate these guys filling in for me and I thank each member of the Friendship family who was present for the respective services. 

We arrived in Beijing around midnight on Sunday night and have had a busy Monday thus far visiting The Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.  We entered The Great Wall at the Badaling Pass and it is an amazing thing when you consider how long that wall has been in place, how folks died building it, and how many men have served there protecting China’s borders.  I realize that much of the wall has been rebuilt and/or repaired for tourist purposes but it is still quite a sight. 

We then made our way to Tiananmen Square in Beijing.  My mind immediately went back to 1989 and the constant news coverage of those events.  There were many people on the square today and that will be a focal point during the 2008 Olympics. 

It rained all night and almost all of the way on the drive to The Great Wall.  However, the Lord stopped the rain the entire time we were touring The Great Wall.  It then rained on our return trip to the city but stopped the entire time we were on Tiananmen Square.  We thank God for even the small things!  He is a good God!

Tonight we are attending an acrobatic show that Eddie & Sue say is amazing.  I know Dana & Gina will enjoy it as will Lisa and I. 

I hope you have a great Monday with Jesus. 

P.S. – I may add a picture to this post at a later time but don’t have one available right now. 

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