TUESDAY, 2/10/09

Okay, so I forgot to post yesterday morning.  I was up early so that wasn’t a factor but it didn’t dawn on me until about noon that I did not post.  It was a Monday all day long!  Actually, I have to miss an entry once in a while just to make sure you guys are reading.  I apologize and appreciate your understanding. 

I am going to give a final recap of our GRACE ’09 I trip at some point today on the GRACE blog.  I have been slothful in doing that too. 

I was called to the hospital yesterday afternoon as it was thought that Miss Alice Pigorsch was passing from this life.  I visited with her daughter, Phyllis, and actually spoke with Miss Alice too.  She made improvements through the day.  Pray for Miss Alice – what a kind heart she has been to me in my years here as Pastor. 

Shea Childress gets the results of her latest scan today so pray for her.  Carla Kyser continues to receive her treatments.  Joyce Bosarge and Jimmy Crawley remain at home in their respective battles against cancer.  Bro. Jerry Hovel & Tina Sprinkle are recovering at home from their recent surgeries.  Will Reynolds’ father, Frank, tore ligaments in both of his knees.  He has had surgery and should go home from the hospital today.  Sandy Felps was admitted to the hospital last night. 

I watched the Kansas versus Missouri basketball game last night – good game!  However, I grew so very tired of hearing/reading about A-Rod.  Please! 

Speaking of the MLB, Bobby Henley leaves today to oversee the camp of the Washington Nationals.  Obviously, he isn’t the manager but he will be the one directly running the day to day operations of the camp.  Pretty impressive to me!  Pray that Bobby will be a great example of a Christian to those guys and pray for his family as they are here. 

Thanks to all who participated in our FAITH visitation last night.  We had a good night. 

Faith Academy is calling so I have to go.  I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.   

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