WEDNESDAY, 3/18/09

We are in one of those times when the Friendship family is blessed by not having many folks in the hospital.  Our only exception right now is Willie Pierre.  He was placed in the hospital yesterday and had a heart cath done.  I am not sure of the results but will let you know in tomorrow’s entry.  Keep praying for those who are battling cancer.  Max Peacock is having a surgical procedure done today so pray for him too. 

Those folks who have been meeting with us regarding the renovation of the church buildings are asked to meet again tonight at 6:30PM. 

Our college/young professionals will have the opportunity tonight to select the winner of the NCAA Final Four in men’s basketball.  It is NOT an office pool but an opportunity to see which girl will win this time!  The winner usually is some blonde (insert any girl named Kayla here) who can’t even spell basketball who will base her picks on the color of the uniform, the mascot’s name, et cetera. 

It is going to happen – one of our students/young adults (insert any girl named Kayla here) will get caught “texting” during a church service.  Her defense?  My plant just texted me and it doesn’t know we are having a church service.  Say what?  Yes, technology is now in place for your plants to send you a text whenever they are thirsty!  Wow!  Should I be thinking of buying my dog a cell phone? 

I need to lose at least fifteen pounds!  They are now saying that obesity has about the same affect on years potentially taken from your life as smoking does.  I learned this past weekend that my BMI is 26.  It needs to be below 25.  Can you say exercise? 

A long Wednesday calls so I have to go.  Hope you have a great one with Jesus! 


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