WEDNESDAY, 3/25/09

Jay Love was moved into a regular room yesterday around noon and she was happy about that but is still unhappy about being in the hospital.  Keep her in your prayers. 

Gena e-mailed to say that the doctors had gotten Gene’s shoulder reversed.  He is scheduled to go home today.  Pray for Gena! 

Today will be an unusual Wednesday for me as I will attend the funeral service for Mavis Clark this morning and then go to Richton, MS for the burial this afternoon.  Hopefully, Lisa will arrive home in time to join me for the trip to Richton.  Bro. Jerry will be preaching during the morning & evening services today as I may not get home in time for the 7:00PM service.  Pray for the Clark family.

Clint, if you want D to take you on a complimentary ski trip then I have two words for you – Scott Fontenot! 

Rex Looney commented yesterday about my NCAA first two rounds coming in at 35-11 instead of 35-13.  Such minor details!  No, I don’t do my own taxes but you didn’t see my CPA friend, Jack Ciak, making a big deal of that minor detail, did you?  That’s because the bottom line is that I have my Elite Eight intact and the eventual national champion pick correct – which is all that really matters!  I have closed the gap and Rex is scared! 

Speaking of basketball, I need your help.  Our first basketball game of the season is this Saturday night.  I am the only one on the team with a CDL which obviously means I drive the bus.  We had practice last night and that fact was clearly evident.  However, I don’t know if our “coach” (I use that word very loosely) can see that as he thinks I shoot too much.  I only shoot if I have the ball.  He actually had us working on defense last night – please!  Let the opposing team shoot, get the ball, and go shoot on your goal!  Offense sells tickets!  This is not high school girl’s soccer!  I felt like Mark Hubbard was coaching us! 

So, I should be a starter!  I need all twelve of the blog readers to e-mail our “coach” at to state this fact.  This is going to have to be a grass roots effort.  Kevin Jackson didn’t even come to practice last night and yet he will start.  Why?  Don’t even get me started!  Just because he was an All American football player at Alabama and went on to play in the NFL doesn’t mean he can play basketball!  Folks, this is going to be a grass roots effort and I need your help.  By the way, how many members of our basketball team were in the gym at 6:00AM yesterday morning getting ready for the season?  Yes, one and that would be me!  I was working on my defense! 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus!  E-mail Chris!

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