TUESDAY, 3/31/09

I made a mistak but it was an honest one!  Sharon Jardee helped cook the breakfast for the work day this past Saturday but I wasn’t aware of that.  Honestly, Sharon is at the church so often helping in different areas that I tend to take her for granted!  Sharon, please forgive my blunder! 

I am posting this entry shortly after midnight so I don’t have an update on the folks in the hospital.  Bro. Jerry & Tena visited the folks last night and there was basically no change in any of the patients associated with the Friendship family.  Tina Wilkinson got a great report from the doctor – hooray!

I had the opportunity to visit with Carla Felps Kyser, her daughter, and Marisa.  Carla is always so upbeat and positive.  She has another treatment today and these treatments now make her sick as she is taking them – no fun!  Pray specifically for Carla today! 

Max Peacock begins his radiation treatments tomorrow.  Pray for Bro. Max along with Joyce Bosarge, Shea Childress and Gloria Morrison. 

Terry Stephan & Breck Ladd have led another team to Guatemala.  They arrived at the mission house safely yesterday afternoon.  This team consists of mainly folks from Dauphin Way Baptist.  Pray for them as they minister this week. 

T. Garrett, thanks for the encouragement regarding the petition and letters.  (If only you would have been as enthusiastic regarding my basketball career!)  Folks, we need to get the petitions signed and those personal letters written.  Again, I think the legislators representing us (Senators Ben Brooks & Rusty Glover; Representatives Spencer Collier & Jim Barton) are in our corner but we must not take anything for granted.  Contact folks from other districts and ask them to write their legislators.  I do know James Gordon is in favor of the gambling bill as I have read his response to an e-mail. 

If UNC wins the men’s tourney, we will have a girl win the bracket picks among our young adults – amazing!  The winner probably doesn’t even know what UNC stands for and yet she will win!  If UConn wins the women’s tourney we will have a guy win the bracket picks.  Actually, the real winner of the women’s tourney (provided UConn wins) didn’t put their name on the bracket so the second place guy will win by default. 

I am still pretty pumped up about the whole lacrosse seven overtime game.  Did anyone record it?  Man, what I would give for a copy of that game! 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus! 



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