WEDNESDAY, 4/15/09

This used to be a day that found me very busy up until a midnight run to the post office as I scurried to get my taxes filed.  However, I have gotten much better in that regard and we actually filed in early March this year.  So, I will be thinking about those who are “racing against the clock” today to beat that deadline. 

Speaking of tax deadlines, for many years our good friend, Lloyd Stokes, filed our tax returns and always found time for us on April 15th.  I learned last night through Lloyd’s brother, Pastor Alton Stokes, that Lloyd has been hospitalized for about two weeks.  I know Lloyd – if he is in the hospital during tax season then he is really, really sick!  Pray for Lloyd! 

Reb Nevin’s cousin-in-law, Dave Reilley, is very sick.  Rob & Reb’s daughter, Wendy, is also battling pneumonia.  His church family members are taking turns to help with the twins while Wendy’s husband, Eric, goes to work.  Pray for Dave & Wendy!

Larsyn Kyser will see the doctor again today.  Pray that she will be much improved as she has been one sick little girl.  Pray for Carla & Marisa too as they give her care. 

As far as I know, Brooke & Lane are doing great.  I would figure they will come home from the hospital no later than Friday.  Pray for them.

The funeral service for Peggy Sherman (Mary Brown’s sister) will take place today at 2:00PM.  It will be preceded with an hour of visitation with the family.  Everything will take place from St. Mary’s by the sea Episcopal Church in Coden. 

We will have a “regular” Wednesday with our Bible studies, prayer meetings, et cetera.  I hope many members of the Friendship family will join me. 

We need men who are unafraid of heights to join us this Saturday, 4/18, from 7:00AM until noon as we replace the screws on the CAB roof.  (Tom Compagner & Ross Genzink – why don’t you guys come for a visit this weekend?)  Kerry Woods says bring your drills and knee pads.  He says that we Baptists aren’t used to being on our knees for extended periods of time!  LOL!  Let me know if you can help us!

I wrote several days ago that TCU was offering housing for their homosexual students.  The university has now reversed course and has decided to not offer that housing.  Just an FYI.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus!




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