THURSDAY, 4/16/09

Marisa called me yesterday afternoon to say that Larsyn had gotten a good report from the doctors.  PTL!  It was good to see Sharon Jardee in our service last night.  Likewise, it was good to see Miss Joyce Bosarge in our service too. 

Thank you to each member of the Friendship family who attended the funeral service for Mary Brown’s sister.  Mary was very grateful!

T. Garrett Wright made an interesting comment on yesterday’s post.  I have heard lots of excuses but have had far less folks to commit to helping us this Saturday.  Please let me know if you can help as we have thousands of screws to remove & replace. 

Max Peacock was supposed to be fitted yesterday for a mask to wear during his radiation treatments.  However, they delayed the fitting until next week. 

I was right!  Lane Lofton checked into this world at 21 inches.  I had said somewhere between 10 & 40 inches – it feels good to get one right every now and then! 

Our basketball “coach” is going to Birmingham this weekend to run in a 5K race.  We have a game Saturday night and we will already be missing three players.  However, one of those three is Rusty.  Losing Rusty is like picking up two good players!  “Coach” needs to commit to the team or running races.  No man can serve two masters!  We may start a grass roots campaign to replace our “coach” soon! 

I have an appointment in court this morning.  Going to court is not on my list of “favorite things to do” today!  However, it has to be done.  I hope to see Perry or Ben while I am there! 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus!   

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