MONDAY, 10/12/09

Miss Betty Taylor did have her surgery on Friday but not until 6:00PM!  Obviously, a long day for her.  The surgery went well but she remains in the hospital and is in pain.  Pray for her. 

Miss Vivian remains in the unit and was on the ventilator all day yesterday.  Keep praying. 

Jay Black was in one of the morning services yesterday so that is good news.

Sommer Brock has a friend, Tim Holston, who has just been diagnosed with cancer.  Actually, he is a teacher in her program.  She asked us to pray for him. 

Forrest Staley is married to Paula Staley (Amy Northcutt’s mother) and he suffered a heart attack this past Friday night.  He is in an Atlanta hospital as they placed a stent in one of his arteries on Saturday morning.  Pray for Mr. Staley. 

The senior adults arrived home around 5:45PM yesterday.  I assume they had a good week. 

I am told that we had good services yesterday at Friendship.  I appreciate Bro. Robbie preaching and Dale Bosarge doing the Spanish service. 

The weekend in Guatemala was blessed.  (As blessed as it can be when one has to miss a Bama game – LOL!)  The DBC team left the mission house around 8:30AM.  Lisa, Mark Mast, and I went to the GBS graduation which was at 2:00PM.  Wow, about 900 folks were present and I had the privilege of bringing the message to the 39 graduates and the others in attendance.  We then attended a meal for the faculty and Dr. Tico presented Lisa & me an absolutely beautiful oil painting of an area near Lake Atitlan.  I was humbled by the preaching opportunity and the gift!  Who am I to receive such graciousness?  God is good!

Lisa and I attended the 7:00AM service at Alpha y Omega before heading to the lake (my first visit).  We stopped at Paulinos for brunch and it was awesome!  We arrived at the lake before 11:00AM and spent a very rainy day just chillin’.  We did manage to walk through town and get about a thirty minute boat ride in before the proverbial bottom fell out. 

Now the focus shifts to the pastors’ conference.  Mark & Tina Mast are here from the previous week.  Terry & Cookie Rainey and Eddie Burdette arrived Saturday afternoon.  Abel Garcia arrived last night (I assume).  Jerry & Gloria Whitmore, Travis & Amy Northcutt, Johnny & Judy Tucker and Bro. Robbie Howard will all arrive today.  We will have a team meal tonight and then begin the conference at 9:00AM tomorrow morning.  Pray for this conference and the 250 folks who will attend.  Yes, we are at capacity – praise the Lord! 

Even though I didn’t see/listen to the Bama game, it was good to hear that they won.  However, the weekend wasn’t completely good as UT won.  ND didn’t win but they didn’t lose either.  AU played poorly in the first half which ultimately cost them the game against those Hogs.  They will rebound against UK this week.  I know USA won but I don’t count that as reall college football yet – sorry Josh Woods!

This post has been too long – sorry about that!  I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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