TUESDAY, 2/15/10

Friendship family folks are the greatest!  (I admit that I am biased in my opinion!)  Our work day yesterday afternoon was very well attended by young & old, male & female – awesome!  The four rooms are totally ready for the sheetrock which should be hung today! We plan on having those classrooms ready to go on Sunday, 2/27, and then move to the east end on Monday, 28.  Thank you to each person who helped yesterday.  (Personal observation – the women will take a break on you as they will go outside, sit down, talk, and admit they are on “break”.  Not the men, we never take a break!  We are men!  Instead, we stand around and “discuss” what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we are doing it, et cetera while the others are steadily working.  Just an observation! LOL!)

Tonight is our second night of GROW from 6:30 – 7:30PM.  You are invited to attend this ministry led by Bro. Jerry.

This Wednesday, 2/16, is our monthly “Potluck with the Pastor” with the service beginning at 10:00AM followed by the meal.  Lisa and I are providing the ham, bread, and drinks.  You bring the trimmings and desserts.  Our goal is 60 – join us!

Miss Jackie Goff’s oldest sister, Ruby Griffin, is in an intensive care unit in a Florida hospital.  Nancy West’s dad is in rehab in Houston, TX.  Dee Dee’s dad remains hospitalized in Mobile.  Ted Ezell & Andrew Jackson were hoping to be discharged from the hospital yesterday but I do not know if that happened for either of them.  Miss Martha Patrick’s surgery went well but she is in an intensive care unit.  Merwyn Gunter is in a rehab center.  Pray for these folks!

The forces of hell are mad but we had another person (Martin) saved in our Spanish service this past Sunday!  Praise the Lord!  By the way, Stan Hatcher has offered us an excellent field to host soccer games for our Spanish friends.  That is great!  It could possibly lead to Upward soccer in the months ahead – that will be Bro. Chris’ call.  I was so excited that I slept in my soccer jersey given to me by T. Garrett Wright!  I love soccer! (note that I am NOT behind the pulpit!)

The folks from the Reeman church in Michigan have already left the mission house and should be in the Guatemala City airport now (5:00AM) as they head home.  They have had a great week.  The house is vacant now until 2/28 when a group from the Prairie Bible Institute spend a few days there.

Burial, cremation, or liquid cremation?  Huh?  Supposedly, it is the “green” way to go.  Wow!

Got a really nice phone call last night about how this past Sunday’s message spoke directly to a person in the service.  Even brought tears to this person’s eyes and down their face.  (My preaching can have that effect!)  I appreciated that phone call!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus!  He loves you!

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