SUNDAY, 2/23/14

Today’s Bible reading – Leviticus 14:1-57, Mark 6:30-56, Psalm 40:1-10, Proverbs 10:11-12

Herbert Benefield left me a voice mail and sent an e-mail around 9:30PM last night saying that Bubba Benefield’s brother has been killed in an automobile accident.  I had already left my computer for the night and did not get the message until 1:30AM today.  I do not know the details but do ask that you join me in praying for Bubba’s family.

Thanks to all those who took part in the food festival last night.  The night was carried by our forty and above crowd.  There were very few folks present (ticket purchasers) under the age of forty.  So, thank God for the older crowd!

Regular schedule today/tonight.  This morning’s message is “Questions & Answers with Jesus.”  I hope to be joined by many members of the Friendship family even though the rain is already falling which tends to keep some Baptists away.  Do not be in that number!



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