WEDNESDAY, 12/3/14

Today’s Bible reading – Daniel 11:2-35 1 John 3:7-24 Psalm 122:1-9 Proverbs 29:1

Happy birthday to our daughter, Daphne!  I will not divulge her age but will say that Auburn beat Alabama 23 – 20 that day as they played in severe weather at Legion Field in Birmingham.  Bo scored on a seventy one yard run to seal the deal!  I am a great dad – cannot tell you how much Daphne weighed at birth but can tell you the score of that year’s Iron Bowl!  At any rate, I hope Daphne has a great day today!

Rusty & C had a very long day at MDA yesterday.  Consultations and tests.  I think today is more of the same.

Amy Huhn’s mother remains hospitalized.  I will be visiting her today.

Miss Kittie had a severe vertigo attack early Monday.  She was taken to the hospital and placed on three medications.  She is at home recovering.  (Jeanette sent me a text but my phone (circa 1984) does not receive texts and will not let me send texts therefore I did not get it.  I received an e-mail from Jeanette yesterday)

I do not have an update on Clara’s sister, Faye, but do ask that you keep praying.

Ray Baber’s mother remains hospitalized.

Katie Tillman has a cousin, DJ, who, along with five others, was involved in an automobile accident on Monday.  All six received significant injuries.  DJ will have surgery today.

Dr. John Nicely, Michigan, was taken back to the hospital on Sunday morning and placed in ICU.  His present problem is a bleeding ulcer and he has received four units of blood.  Dr. John is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  Pray for him and his wife, Robin.

Pastor Charlie Watts’ wife, Dianne, passed away Monday.  Visitation is tomorrow night at Mobile Memorial with the service taking place on Friday afternoon.  Pray for the Watts family.

I still have not heard whether the wedding shower for Coley & Katelyn is this Saturday or Sunday.  I have sent an e-mail and placed phone calls but to no avail.  I am thinking that Monday’s entry had zero readers!  Katelyn is registered at Target and Bayou La Batre Lumber.

Regular schedule this morning and tonight.  That will be true of the next two Wednesdays (10th & 17th) as well.  No services on the 24th and 31st.

“We” have not been able to get all of our Christmas trees up and decorated yet.  At this point, we only have five up!  We are missing at least two!  Are you serious?  I am!  My wife loves Christmas trees (obvious statement) and enjoys decorating the house for the Christmas season.  I love the Christmas season too.  However, if it were left up to me, we would have one tree and it would be poorly decorated.  My wife does good!

South is supposedly going to Montgomery for a bowl game on 12/20.  Is going to Montgomery for a game really a reward?  Will David & Kim follow the Jags to Montgomery for an 8:15PM kick off on a Saturday night?  If I was not preaching the next morning. . . .

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.





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