TUESDAY, 12/9/14

Today’s Bible reading – Joel 1:1-3:21 Revelation 1:1-20 Psalm 128:1-6 Proverbs 29:18

Good Tuesday morning from Guatemala!  (More about that later)

Amy Huhn sent me an e-mail yesterday saying that her mother, Gloria Morrison, was being discharged from the hospital.  The doctor plans on starting her on another chemo treatment in a few weeks.  Pray for Miss Gloria to gain strength and to get better.

Clara Broadus’ sister, Faye, remains hospitalized but is still breathing on her own.  Pray for a complete recovery and for the doctors to understand what happened.

I do not have an update on C.  (Kayla, send me an iMessage, please)  I do know that she is one sick young lady in need of our prayers.  It bothers me to see her in this condition.  Pray for her, Rusty, Deb and the family.

Terry Lucky is scheduled to have surgery on Thursday.

There is a wedding shower for Jamie Hall this Saturday, 12/13.  I need someone to send me the details i.e. location, time, where they are registered, et cetera.

BTW, Lisa told me what an awesome job Alisha & Rita did in hosting the shower for Katelyn this past Sunday.  She said it was very nice!

Regular schedule tomorrow morning and evening.  Bro. Jerry will handle the 10:00AM and 7:00PM services in my absence.  Friendship family, I am praying for you to be faithful.

The GRACE team in Guatemala is doing great.  I have only been here a few hours but what a great group (23 out of 25 being great is great!)  Yes, we do have a couple of “divas” amongst us!  (Folks, when you refuse Coke Zero b/c it is not diet Coke then you are a diva!)  Yes, the General has been his usual shy self not really saying anything to anyone but I am thinking he will warm up by Friday and begin to talk.  Yes, Chad Blakeney did get stopped by the law!  (Why was Chad driving and why did he listen to Betty Creech?)  Yes, Bernard did get the team “lost” on their way from the airport Saturday afternoon.  Yes, we did have one team member get altitude sickness.  Yes, Jacqueline “schooled” Tyrone, Larry, Tim & Bernard fishing yesterday.  Yes, one of our fishermen provided the chum for the fishing team.  Yes, a bottle of Karo syrup did burst open in one of my suitcases – can you say sticky mess?  Yes, I did see enough Clemson orange on my ride from the airport yesterday to make me sick!  Yes, we are having a great trip thus far!

I have already walked down memory lane this morning.  Sixteen years ago this morning, I was heading home from my first trip to Guatemala.  Stan Strickler was with me on the ride from New Orleans to Grand Bay and he was one sick puppy.  I will never forget that experience.

Enough rambling.  Hope you have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

P.S. – Here is the link (I hope) to Evangelist Michael Mason’s claim to fame –


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