THURSDAY, 12/19/14

Today’s Bible reading – Habakkuk 1:1-3:19 Revelation 9:1-21 Psalm 137:1-9 Proverbs 30:10

The funeral service for Jack Rice takes place this morning at 10:00AM (Higher Ground Baptist) while the service for Archie Sprinkle takes place at 2:00PM (San Souci Baptist).  Pray for these two families.

Anyone helping with food for the Sprinkle family needs to have it in the fellowship hall by 10:00AM today.

Bernard Suthoff had a first cousin pass away yesterday.  Lived in Moss Point.

Robin Corley continues in her battle against cancer.  She is at home and is dependent upon a wheelchair.

Amy Huhn sent an e-mail yesterday afternoon saying that her mother had a good day.

Amber Joyner e-mailed me during the night saying that her son, Landon, continues to have the same physical problems he has been battling.  They see a doctor this morning.  Pray for them to find some answers.  Justin & Amber are concerned.

Found out yesterday afternoon that a friend in Michigan has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has already had surgery.  I did not ask if I could put her name on the blog so I will not do so until receiving permission.  Pray.

Pastor Shirlon Davis and his wife, Jennifer, Lisa and I will host a Christmas fellowship for the local pastors and their wives this morning.  This is our second year of doing this and it is a good time of food & fellowship.  Jennifer and Lisa put on a spread!  Pastor Shirlon and I just eat and entertain!

I have received a good number of e-mails from folks expressing their prayer support for me personally following C’s passing.  I appreciate that more than you will ever know.  I will be honest in saying that I am still struggling emotionally so I can only imagine how Rusty, Deb and the family are feeling.

The phone – big decision!  Thinking about checking e-bay for a bag phone – how cool would that be?  I am really not a huge fan of a cell phone.  I can go to church without taking my phone with me!  As a matter of fact, I have never taken my phone into a church service.  What if someone needs you, you ask?  They can get in touch with me – I promise.  (I am really not that important!)

For the record, no one from the 30-39 year old class has apologized to me for their rudeness to me this past Monday night – just sayin’!  LOL!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.



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