WEDNESDAY, 12/24/14

Today’s Bible reading – Zechariah 6:1-7:14 Revelation 15:1-8 Psalm 143:1-12 Proverbs 30:24-28

The church office will be open today from 8:00AM – 12:00PM and from 1:00PM – 3:00PM.   Please note the earlier closing time as this will allow the staff time to go home and get ready to be back at 5:00PM for the service.  Office is closed tomorrow and will re-open on Monday, 12/29, at 8:00AM.

It is my prayer that many members of the Friendship family will join us for the service tonight which will begin promptly at 5:00PM and will end no later than 6:00PM.   We will observe the Lord’s Supper, singing Christmas carols, have special music by at least four different individuals/groups.  Why not make this a family tradition?  If you are in town, I hope you will give the Lord this hour.  He is worthy of it!  O come let us adore Jesus!

Speaking of tonight’s service, I have been asked to see if there are a few folks who would be willing to keep the nursery tonight for children two years of age and younger?  If so, will you call the church office by noon today and I will post that by 2:00PM so parents will know?  At this point, we do not have plans to provide a nursery.  If you do not see another entry by 2:00PM then you will know there will not be a nursery for tonight’s service.  This would be a ministry of sacrifice.  Any takers?

Bro. Chris has twenty-five 2015 calendars available.  (Think he got them while visiting China town in Bham on Monday)  They are $6 each and would make an excellent gift.  Great picture and Bible verse (KJV) featured each month.  You can get those through the office today or following the service tonight.

Remember, only one service this Sunday – 10:30AM!

Went last night and got a new phone!  Flip phone for $9.88 at Walmart.  Listen to these features – 3G speed, 1.3MP camera/video recorder, bluetooth, internet & e-mail access, MP3 player – wow!  I can sense the envy coming across the web even as I type this entry.  Bro. Chris, Tony Gettig and my other “computer genius” friends are going to so try to get it from me but that is not happening!  I have not even taken it out of the box and already I feel a bond with it – amazing!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.  Friendship family, hope to see you this afternoon at 5:00PM.


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