FRIDAY, 11/13/15

Happy 59th wedding anniversary to my parents!  They were married on Tuesday, 11/13/56.  I am going out on a limb here to say they did not have a big church wedding on a Tuesday night!  Have already spoken to my Mama this morning to wish them well today.

Today’s Bible reading – Ezekiel 27:1-28:26 Hebrews 11:17-31 Psalm 111:1-10 Proverbs 27:15-16

Infant Laney Hyatt remains hospitalized.

Peggy Knighten did well through her surgery yesterday and came home.

Lisa Thompson was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  The doctor suspects her problem may be pneumonia.

Joyce Hacker is in the hospital.

Baby shower for Matt & Alisha Burk on the island tomorrow at 11:00AM.   Registered at Ship-n-Shore and Greer’s in Baylee’s Corner.

The Mall of America had a record sales day yesterday!  Lisa hit it as soon as we got out of the hotel shuttle which was around 10:00AM and literally did not stop until just before 9:00PM.   The girl loves to shop.  True story – I decided to go down and spend some time shopping with her last night.  We walked probably one hundred and fifty feet in the mall when I asked if I could return to the hotel room.  My feet began to hurt and I just could not take it any longer.  I am going to have to call 1-800-UHaul just to get all of this stuff home!

This entry is a bit late this morning.  Minnesota state law does not allow posting blog entries until after 7:30AM.  Is that crazy or what?  (If you believe that one then. . . . )

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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