WEDNESDAY, 11/25/15

Happy sixth birthday to our only grandson, Titus!  I hope his day is great!  Wow, have our lives changed since 11/25/09 or what?

Today’s Bible reading – Daniel 1:1-2:23 1 Peter 3:8-4:6 Psalm 119:65-80 Proverbs 28:14

I learned yesterday afternoon that Miss Jackie Goff is in the hospital.  I do not know if that means she never came home last week or had to be admitted again.  Pray for her.

Holly Lybarger will have another chemo treatment today.  Reb asks us to pray that Holly will be able to take this one without getting so sick.  She has had a tough time in this area.

Carla Kyser has a couple of infections.  She probably should be in the hospital but they are treating them at home.  Have I ever mentioned that Carla is hard headed?

Brian Amonett celebrated his fortieth birthday yesterday.  He is doing well and could be sent to New Orleans for surgery at any moment and that is a literal statement.

We are having a Thanksgiving service this morning at 10:00AM and will finish by 11:00AM.  It is my hope that the members of the Friendship family who are in town will give an hour to the Lord this morning.  However, I realize that many folks are busily preparing for tomorrow’s gathering with family and friends and will not be able to attend.  I am fine with that.  Come if you can!

On this day (tomorrow’s date) one year ago, I had a date with “C” and that memory is so very fresh in my mind.  She came to our Thanksgiving service even though she did not feel well at all.  A group of us then went to the Lighthouse for lunch.  Little did any of us know that in only a little over two weeks the Lord would call “C” home.  I miss “C” and will go by the cemetery at some point today.  Not to see her but just to remember and reflect.

Remember, no services/classes/Bible studies tonight.  Church office will close at noon today and will remain closed until Monday morning, 11/30, at 8:00AM.  I am the staff member on call this weekend should an emergency arise.  The best way to reach me via the phone is to call my house 865 4912, Lisa’s cell 259 8072 or my office 445 5416 (messages go directly to my e-mail).  You can call my cell but I just do not have it on much at all.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.


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