SATURDAY, 11/28/15

Today’s Bible reading – Daniel 5:1-31 2 Peter 2:1-22 Psalm 119:113-128 Proverbs 28:19-20

Cynthia Cumbie remains in “critical” (my word not the doctors) condition in the ICU.  Caroline is so sick that she is confined to the bed at home.  Pray for Sissy & Caroline.

We are on a regular schedule tomorrow with one exception – no Discipleship Training.  Otherwise, everything is normal with the two morning services, Sunday School and the evening service.

I spent yesterday afternoon mowing.  Probably the last time I will need to mow in November!  BTW, Rusty has been home all weekend.  The mower started and Rusty immediately left!  I think his vehicle must be linked to my mower so it starts as soon as my mower does?

On the football picks for today – GA Southern over USA (sorry David & Kim); UM over OSU; USM over La Tech; Mississippi over MSU (sorry Arnold); LSWho over A&M; OU over OSU and I am going with Bama over AU (picked against Bama once this year and was gladly proven wrong).

I will say that if LSWho fires Les Miles then the shame is the way this whole thing has been handled.  The man deserves much better than the way it has been handled.  Personally, I hope he gets to stay at LSWho.  Rusty has basically cried all weekend and wants to start a Go Fund Me page for Coach Miles – wow!

I plan on getting my fill of college football today if everything goes as planned.  Probably the best weekend of the year as far as the regular season is concerned.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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