“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”  (Psalm 119:11)

Edna Pearl sent me a message yesterday to let me know that Elaine Brown has been moved into a regular room.  I plan on visiting Elaine today.  Keep praying.

Terry Brooks will have a heart cath tomorrow morning.  He saw a doctor in December and he scheduled this for Terry.  Terry received two stents last January.  Pray that all goes well.

Bobby Joe Felps has an appointment with the surgeon today as he continues to experience pain.  He will also see an oncologist on the tenth of this month.  Pray for Bobby Joe.

As far as I know, Danny Lafferty remains in a rehab facility.  Pray for Danny and family.  Remember, we will receive a special offering for Danny on Sunday, January 13.

The arrangements have been set for my Uncle.  There will a service for him this Saturday, 1/5, at 1:00PM in Columbus, Georgia.  Prayers for his family are appreciated.

Regular schedule for the Friendship family this morning and evening.  No choirs until next Wednesday, 1/9.  We will begin our prayer lists with a clean slate today/tonight and build them from there.

We had another person make a financial donation to the construction of the school in Guatemala yesterday.  Spoke to another person on the phone who said they would be giving in January too.  Remember, we have a dollar for dollar match during the month of January.  It would be nice if folks like Ross Genzink, Tom Compagner, Eddie Turrentine, Jordan Lollar, Steve Compagner, Dean Kapenga and others outside the Friendship family would step up and accept this challenge.  Just saying!

We had five more people ask to begin receiving this blog via their e-mail.  Combine those with the three already receiving that service and we are now at fifty percent of our thirteen readers.  Nice.  E-mail me if you want to receive the blog notices via e-mail. Deidra is one of the ones who signed up and she loves it!  Says it is one of the best things to ever happen in her life!

Well, I finally watched a bowl game outside of the playoffs.  I am a SEC homer so I was pulling for Georgia in the Sugar Bowl but that did them no good.  The reporter tried to bait the Texas quarterback after the game but he used wisdom in not being trapped.  I did watch some of the LSU game earlier in the day and was glad to see them win.  No conference can really brag after this bowl season.  Either the ACC conference or the SEC conference will have the ultimate bragging rights following next Monday night’s game.

I am ready for Winter but it does not appear we will see any temps below forty degrees over the next ten days which is not good in my book.  Oh well, the Lord knows.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.




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