MONDAY, 8/19/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

The Lord blessed us with some really good services yesterday.  Obviously, the highlight was our 10:30AM service when we saw eight salvation decisions.  Praise the Lord!

Our evening service was blessed to have Pastor Terry Ragsdale (Grand Bay Community Church) join us.  Pastor Terry has such a sweet spirit.  We then saw multiple folks come forward during the invitation to volunteer to help in AWANA, student ministry and other educational ministries.  Thank you to those who responded.  By the way, sign up for our AWANA ministry is Sunday, 9/1, and the actual classes begin Sunday, 9/8.

The Friendship family will be sending three thousand dollars to Pastor Alex to help with the recent flooding in India.  That decision was made in our evening service.  I spoke to Pastor Alex on the phone yesterday afternoon and he was thankful for any help that could be given.  Pray for the ministry in India.

Mac McGriff will be having surgery this Friday morning.  Pray that all goes well.

Sonny Bates will find out today about his treatment for his cancer.  Pray that it will be favorable for him.

Keep praying for Carol Lucky!

We will ordain Grant Tillman as a deacon this Sunday, 8/25.  Ordination council will meet at 4:00PM.  Service begins at 6:00PM. (I am praying that Grant’s mother-in-law will get saved during that service!)

Dad is struggling some with being in rehab.  Lord willing, Daphne & I will leave late this afternoon and drive to Hartselle in order to visit dad tomorrow.  I then plan on going back on Friday and Saturday if all goes as planned.

Bobby and the boys lost a very tough one on Saturday night but then came back in a big way yesterday as they hit eight homers to beat the Brewers.  The Dodgers did them no favors as they were beaten by Les Hacker’s Braves two out of three.  So, the Nationals remain five and one half games behind the Braves but hold a one and a half game lead in the wild card race.  Max should be back on the mound this Thursday.

Lisa and I received a really great gift last night upon returning home from our evening service.  Daphne was waiting to give us a parking pass for the Alabama home football games.  Morris Bryant secured the pass and allowed them to purchase it from him.  (He only charged them double but that is not my concern)  One of the best gifts that could be given to me!  I am ready for the college football season to begin.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.


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