THURSDAY, 7/29/21

Good morning from blog central.  Trying feverishly to beat the 5:15AM publication time set by the lovely Elizabeth Westbrook!

On a very serious note regarding prayer needs – Lee Sessions has been in the hospital since Monday after several trips to the emergency room in the days prior to Monday.  His physical condition has deteriorated and he is most likely facing heart valve replacement surgery.  Lot of stuff going on in his life.  Pray for Lee, Elizabeth and the family.  Pray diligently!

Keep praying for Buddy Brewer.  Pray for Miss Vinnie.  Miss Vinnie is simply one of the best followers of Jesus that I have ever known.  I put her in the class of Miss Kathryn Edwards and Miss Mary Sue Thompson which know one at Friendship, with the exception of Sonny Bates, understands but believe me when I say that is a very, very good class!

Good attendance in yesterday morning’s service.  Not nearly as good in the evening.  However, the spirit in both services was excellent.

There will be a meeting to discuss the proposed land purchase this Sunday afternoon at 4:00PM in the church auditorium.  Larry Whitehurst is the point man on this matter.

Senior adults, a final determination will be made today as to our “field trip” for next Thursday, August 5.  Stay tuned!

Elizabeth Westbrook shared some news with me yesterday that stunned me!  Oh my!  (Triplets, really?)

It is 5:15AM.  Hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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