WEDNESDAY, 4/10/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”  (Psalm 119:11)

That “plans, rats & people” thing came into play again yesterday.  How about that?

Brenda Poiroux sent me an e-mail Monday morning saying that she was scheduled to have a heart cath Wednesday afternoon.  As I was leaving the office yesterday morning for a meeting of the Grand Bay pastors, Edna told me Brenda had been admitted to the hospital and would be having a heart cath in the afternoon.  Well, afternoon kinda sorta turned into evening as she did not get taken if for her procedure until just before 6:00PM.  The test results?  Open heart surgery requiring four bypasses.  That surgery will take place either today or tomorrow.  Pray for Brenda, Gerald and the family during this time.

Had a really nice visit with Joe & Kathy Ladnier yesterday.  He is doing well.  Do not be surprised if you read these headlines in the local paper – “man breaks out of hospital” as Joe is ready to go home.  He has been dismissed from speech therapy as he passed all of their tests.  The man is determined!  Keep praying for Joe.

I do not do FB.  Have never read a FB post or even seen a picture.  Just not me.  So, how was I to know that Sandra McElwee was involved in an automobile accident in late March.  She will not be having knee replacement surgery on April 15 due to her injuries but will be having both knees replaced at some point in the future.

Keep praying for Gena Davis.  I do not have an update but I know she needs our prayer support.  (Being married to Gene is plenty of reason to need prayers – just saying!)

Regular schedule on our campus this morning and evening.

The weather folks are saying it will reach eighty six degrees here today – ouch!  The good thing is that the humidity is supposed to be lower than normal.

Lord willing, I have plans to get some planting done this Friday.  We shall see.  We have a Sunday School fellowship on the hill Saturday afternoon and Lisa has already laid down the law regarding what has to be done in the yard prior to that event.

Bobby & the boys pulled back to five hundred last night.  The Dodgers have lost two in a row.  I am pulling for a Nationals vs Dodgers World Series.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.


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