SATURDAY, 4/13/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”  (Psalm 119:11)

Bro. Benny & our bus workers meet this morning at 8:30AM before going out into the community to invite folks to church.  Pray for this ministry.

Our exercise leagues begin play at 8:30AM today.  I think there are only four more times of exercise.  Prayers appreciated for this ministry.

Brenda Poiroux did well through her surgery.  Four bypasses.  I enjoyed spending time with Gerald & Brenda yesterday morning prior to her surgery.  Great couple!  Pray for Brenda as she now recovers.

I did not realize that Eddie Albritton’s dad was also in the same hospital for his surgical procedure.  He had three large kidney stones and they successfully removed two of them.  He will remain hospitalized for a day or two.  Pray for him.

Anna Carol Bosarge “might” have been discharged yesterday.  They are trying to get her medicines correct.  Pray for Anna Carol.

How did I know that Jerry Poiroux was in the hospital?  I have ESPN (though I seldom watch it any more).   Anyway, Jerry was in hopes that he would be discharged yesterday.  Not sure if that happened.  Pray for Jerry.

Joe Ladnier continues to devise an escape plan!  Keep praying for him!

I would have gone to the service for Shirley Johnson had the timing been different.  Shirley was a sweet lady and will be missed by so many.  Keep praying for Wilfred and family.

We probably should have had only one service tomorrow morning as I have had over one thousand folks tell me they are going to be out of town.  Folks who no longer have children in school take Spring break off – that confuses me!  I am glad that families/couples can get away.  I just hope that those of us who will remain in town will be faithful to attend especially the musical presentation by our adult choir beginning at 6:00PM.  Also, for those who will be out of town, remember that you can give online by going to our website.

Yesterday afternoon was productive for me.  Thanks to Logan Wainwright I was able to get eleven rows (eight corn and three snap beans) planted.  Might would have finished but my old Super A Farmall suffered a setback.  Logan will correct the problem and all will be well.  By the way, that tractor is either a 1956 or 1957 model.  I am glad to have it.

John Milton is way ahead of me in the garden race but I cannot complain.  He did everything in his power to put me out front.  Those plans, rats and people kept messing with me – LOL!

Alabama & Auburn both have their A Day games today.  I am not a fan of a glorified practice.  Can we just start the season now?

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.


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