WEDNESDAY, 5/15/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

Good Wednesday morning from GRACE Mountain in Guatemala.  We are on a regular schedule this morning and tonight on our campus.  Carl Ray Moulds is our deacon on call today.  The church office is open as Rita Boutwell and maybe Debbie Adkinson are filling in for Miss Kittie.

Miss Kittie’s surgical procedure went well yesterday.  They were delayed in getting started but all is well that ends well in situations like this.  We thank God for blessing Miss Kittie in this way.  Keep praying.

Bro. Jerry Hovel had another surgery yesterday.  The doctors believe they have now rectified his problem.  I guess time will tell.  Obviously, Bro. Jerry remains in the hospital.  Keep praying!

Jennifer Brinkman’s father continues to be in the hospital recovering from his heart surgery.  He needs our prayer support.

Yancey Hall will have knee replacement surgery today.  Pray that all goes well.

We need to hear from all of our high seniors who plan on attending the 10:30AM service this Sunday, May 19.  Please call the church office no later than tomorrow, 5/16.

Ross Genzink is scheduled to arrive in Guatemala today in order to handle some plumbing issues on GRACE Mountain.  Ross is the man!  Pray that he will have safe travels and that he can resolve the issues.  Yes, he will probably lean on me a great deal but that is why I am here!  Will not be the first time!

What did I do yesterday?  Had the privilege of driving Lizzi & Sydney to school.  Deidra and I then went down and toured the school construction.  I went and spent time with Paul Leytham.  He looks really good.  We then met Kirk & Michelle Lightfield for lunch and time of meeting.  I went to get a haircut but my barber was not in – I was majorly disappointed.  I will try again this morning as I so need a haircut and shave!  We then took Deidra and the girls down to mall for supper and time in the arcade.  I visited with the team that is in the mission house.  This team is led by Dr. Steve Fineberg and includes one of Phillip Turner’s aunts.  Also includes a guy by the name of Kip who worked with Morris Bryant for years.  The team left GRACE Mountain this morning at 3:00AM as their flight is at 6:30AM.   They had a good week.

Today will see Deidra and me conducting potential teacher interviews for six or so hours.  Pray for godly wisdom.  This is phase one of our three part process.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

(This entry was written on Tuesday night, 5/14, due to the fact that Guatemala is one hour behind Grand Bay and I like to publish early whenever possible)


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