THURSDAY, 5/16/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

Jennifer Brinkman’s paternal grandfather, Walter Kirk, Jr, passed from this life yesterday afternoon.  This was especially tough on Jennifer’s father, Walter Kirk, III, as he could not be with his father during his last days on earth.  Pray for Jennifer and her family as they walk through this valley.

Jennifer’s father was moved from CCU to a regular room yesterday.  Continue to pray for him as he recovers from his open heart surgery.

Yancey Hall did well through his knee replacement surgery.  Deacon Carl Ray Moulds kept me updated through the process and even into the night last night as he called Yancey to get an update.  Pray for Yancey to do well in his recovery.  I do remember Yancey telling me a month or so ago that following his surgery he wanted a cake or pie (cannot remember which he said) every day for so many days following his surgery – LOL!  Someone take poor Yancey some food!

As far as I know, Bro. Jerry remains hospitalized.  I just ask that you keep praying for him as he recovers from his most recent surgery.

I appreciate Jonny Gaston filling in for me yesterday morning and last night.  I also appreciate Sonny Bates and Carl Ray Moulds leading the prayer times.

Larry Whitehurst is the deacon on call today.

Deidra, Kirk Lightfield (translator) and I spent six hours yesterday interviewing twelve potential workers for the school.  Most of these were potential teachers but they also included some in administration.  Pray for wisdom.  I know it was only six hours but my brain was fried by the time those interviews were over.

Ross Genzink arrived on the mountain yesterday afternoon and has not solved a single problem up to this point!  Just saying!

The internet service was non existent for a good period of time yesterday afternoon and then spotty last night.  Why does that happen?   I have no clue.

Lisa remained on the mountain all day yesterday and cooked supper for all of us – delicious!  She also had Audrey all day and trust me when I say that Audrey never stops talking and I mean never!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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