MONDAY, 6/10/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

This entry is about four or five hours late being posted.  I apologize.  Each time I think Katie Tillman is going to follow through and write an entry she so lets me down!  It is really hard to find good help these days!

As I awakened this morning one of my first thoughts was that this is Caroline Ford’s birthday.  What a void has been left in my life with the passing of Caroline.  I am so glad that she experienced that second birthday which was when she was born again as she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior.

Aninha Barrett’s mother, Miss Jane Lieb, passed from this life on Saturday morning about two hours before Keith & Aninha arrived.  I spoke to Aninha on the phone this morning.  They have plans to travel back to Grand Bay later this week.  Pray for Aninha and family.

Matt Everett’s father continues to be hospitalized.  As Matt said again yesterday, it is a roller coaster ride physically and emotionally.  Pray for Mr. Everett and the family.

Keep praying for Decker & Martha Terry.  I plan on getting an update from Decker today.

Buddy McGallagher is a cousin to Cecil, Myrtle & John Milton.  He passed from this life yesterday afternoon.  Pray for his family.

The annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention takes place in Birmingham tomorrow and Wednesday.  I booked hotel rooms with plans on attending.  However, after considering the nightmare the traffic will be because of the I-20/59 construction, I changed my mind.  Just do not want to get into that nightmare traffic wise.

True story – Lisa and I left Decker’s house on Friday afternoon and basically stopped at exit almost as soon as we got on the interstate heading to Auburn.  I was topping the vehicle off with fuel and Lisa went inside to get some water.  I pulled up to get her and noticed her talking to a man.  I thought, “he looks so much like Jeff Holified!”  It was Jeff Holifield.  Deacon Jeff Holifield.  Folks, I cannot go anywhere without those deacons following me!

True story – Jeff’s mother, Edna, showed me a picture of a rat snake this morning.  I am guessing four feet long or so.  It fell on her head a couple of days ago as she opened a shed door.  It then slid down her face!

If Auburn can defeat UNC today then the SEC will have four of the eight teams in the baseball college World Series.  Go Tigers!  Vandy & MSU are already in and either Arkansas or Mississippi will punch their ticket today.

If KD & Klay play tonight then the series will go back to California.  Just saying.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.


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