I am getting too many texts and messages to reply to each individually.  However, I am very grateful to each person who has prayed and to those who have contacted me to express that support.  I am grateful to Pastor Joe David Bailey and his wife, Lori, for their visit last night.  Also thankful to Dr. Rex Looney for coming by the hospital this morning.  (He actually was in the area and came by to see if I wanted to take him to Cracker Barrel for breakfast – is that crazy or what!)

In my opinion, dad has improved.  He remains in ICU and that should be true throughout today/tonight.  He no longer has C. Diff which is great for numerous reasons.  His most pressing issue right now is that he is still receiving medication to keep his blood pressure up.  The goal for today is to try and get him off this medication and his blood pressure stay at an acceptable level.

Lisa, Daphne and I still plan on heading South at some point today/tonight.  Lord willing, I will be in the pulpit for all three services tomorrow.

I am counting on our thirteen blog readers to help get this update out.  Thank you.

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