FRIDAY, 2/19/10

The funeral service for Mr. Dick Fore, Barbara Kelley’s dad, will take place at 10:00AM today from the chapel at Mobile Memorial Gardens Funeral Home with the committal to follow in MMG.  Pray for Bro. Kerry as he will be singing and also doing the eulogy. 

Lisa & I went to visit with Jayne English yesterday but did not get to see any of the family so I don’t have an update.  I visited with Steve Morris & he is doing great.  Hopes to come home from the hospital no later than tomorrow.  Miss Merle Phillips may have suffered a stroke on Wednesday night.  They did a MRI yesterday but the results weren’t known when I visited with her.  I’ll visit again today.  Pray for these folks.

Miss Kathleen Henderson is back in the hospital with double pneumonia.  Pray for her.  This is Joey Switzer’s grandmother. 

I called last night to get the arrangements for Mr. Shannon Young but did not get an answer at the funeral home.  It dawned (on pun intended) on me this morning that I dialed the number for Buses For Christ – no wonder they didn’t answer!  I’ll find out today!  (Probably was thinking of my next “Souper Super Fellowship” and got distracted!  By the way, I am going to copyright that slogan – T. Garrett, make work of that for me!) 

News that caught my eye – the city of Atlanta, GA is safer today as the police captured an escaped zebra yesterday afternoon.  At least they didn’t have to spend money on a striped suit for him! 

The lawyer for Amy Bishop says she is insane.  Surprised?  (I would make a “lawyer” comment here but I can’t throw T. Garrett, world’s smartest man, under the bus)

Scott Fontenot, Morris Bryant, Joe David Bailey & Ross Genzink wanted me to point out that Evan Lysacek of the USA won the gold medal last night in the free program of the men’s figure skating competition in the Olympics. 

Now to the real Olympic news – those Danes took care of our men’s & women’s curling teams yesterday by identical 7-6 scores!  Conspiracy?  We aren’t doing so well.  (Do we actually spend money training our curlers or is it just a pick up team?)  Is an overweight Dane called a Danish? 

 At any rate, the next three days will see our women’s team take on Russia, Great Britian, Canada, & Sweden while the men’s team takes on France, Sweden, & Great Britian.  I think our men’s team is laying low waiting on our match with Canada on Monday.  Do you believe in miracles? 

Hope to catch a little more basketball at USA today.  The Faith girls play shortly after noon, I think. 

Frienship family, don’t forget the ordination service for Ralph Rimmer this Sunday evening at 6:00PM.  We will have a fellowship afterwards.  Hopefully it will not be a “souper super” one!   

Go to church Sunday!  I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.

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  • T. Garrett Wright says:

    Brother Teddie,
    I have better lawyer jokes than anybody i.e. What’s the difference between a lawyer and a catfish? One is ugly, slimy, and feeds off the bottom; the other is a catfish. I could go on and on… What do you call a bus with 59 lawyers that goes off a cliff? A crying shame; all the seats weren’t filled.
    But remember, there is at least one of them that knows that the .com, .gov and .org makes a big difference. It is worth noting that the lawyer in the case noted above used a word mired in years of legal wrangling to describe the defendant, “Wacko.” He then followed up with a statement akin to the oft coined “She just ain’t right.” I look forward to the trial pleadings, as I may learn some other “unique client characterizations.”
    All the best,

  • Tina Wilkinson says:

    Garrett why doesn’t the law just admit that all people who kill are insane? The degree of insanity would be what should be debated in court. I know that would be re-writting the law but it seems to me that we would be much better off if we could approach these cases without having to determine what is already evident. Other than a case of war or self defence, if you kill on purpose, YOU ARE INSANE to some degree. That would make the legal system much simpler. Are you the kind of Lawyer that can help rewrite laws?

  • T. Garrett Wright says:

    I would agree whole-heartedly with you… But in a criminal case it actually is the “degree of insanity” that is debated. The standards very among jurisdictions.

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