THURSDAY, 7/22/10

Later than usual morning greetings from the Atlanta Hartsfield airport.  I am about an hour away from boarding a plane and heading to Guatemala with 21 other folks.  I flew out of Pensacola which necessitated leaving at 3:00AM.  We had a couple go out of Gulfport, some from Atlanta, and the rest from Grand Rapids.  This is our annual college/young adults trip.  Obviously, we are replacing Bro. Jerry’s team.  They will board the plane that we take into Guatemala and are scheduled to arrive in Mobile at 11:00PM.  Pray for safe travel for all of us today.

Bea Unrue is in surgery as I type this entry.  Pray for her as she will remain the hospital and have another surgery next Tuesday.  Hopefully, someone will send me an e-mail with an update after her surgery so I can post it tomorrow.

Louise Morris is recovering at home.  Carla Kyser is some better regarding the sore in her mouth and the pain that has come along with it.  Miss Joyce Bosarge continues to take treatments but is not getting the best news from the doctors.  We have several ladies who are teachers and they do not presently have a job within the MCPSS.  Pray for them and their respective job searches.

Hey Steve Morris – did you notice that the Dodgers won last night?  Just checking!  Gotta go catch a flight.  I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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