WEDNESDAY, 9/29/10

The visitation with the Homer Perkins family takes place from 10:00AM until noon at the Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore.  The graveside service will then take place in the Grand Bay Cemetery.  Pray for Miss Becky, the boys, and their families.

The meal for the Perkins family will be served in the CAB.  Please leave all food in the CAB instead of the fellowship hall.  Thanks!

Tom Compagner’s dad, Milford Compagner, will have surgery today beginning at 12:30PM (our time).  This could be a two part surgery depending on what they find in the initial stages.  Pray that all goes well.

Sara Nell Moulds will meet with a specialist on October 25th and then have some more tests after that date.

Willie Johnson did some sheetrock repair work in the CAB last night.  Tim Knighten is doing some HVAC work.  John Curl & Kenny Lingle painted the banister last week.  I appreciate all of these guys and what they are doing to help get ready for the women’s conference and in the renovation of the CAB.

The women of the Friendship family have a cookbook for sale.  The cost is $15.  If any of our out of town readers (2), want to purchase one then just send me an e-mail.  If you are like Leah Cochran and never cook, having a cookbook in the kitchen makes you look so Martha Stewart like.  We have a limited supply and after that supply is gone we have another limited supply!

Nice story out of Washington where the 17 year old boy with Down Syndrome scored a touchdown on the final play of his high school team’s game this past weekend.  Good sportsmanship by both teams.

President Obama is a Christian “by choice” according to his statements in Arizona yesterday.

Steve Morris is in mourning today as his beloved Cardinals are done!  (Actually, they have been done for weeks but Steve refused to accept it!)  Les Hacker and friends are holding out hope that the Braves can hold that 1.5 game lead in the wild card race.  Only four games left to play for the Braves.

Regular Wednesday here today.  Hope to see many members of the Friendship family in attendance in our services/Bible studies.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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  • Sonny says:

    I can say I am a tractor but that does not make me a tractor(if I could be one then it would be a John Deere).Obama can say what he likes, as he pretty well does, but his fruits do not testify to his being a Christian.

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