Wow, what a wet and wild Monday in south Mobile County!  I am very grateful to the Lord for the rain but it was definitely a tense day with all of the rain, the apparent tornado in Irvington, and the many watches & warnings.  Our FAITH ministry was cancelled which is a most unusual move but one that was necessitated by the weather. 

I was reading this morning about the wildfires in California – 655 homes burned already along with 168 businesses.  What a tragedy!  We certainly need to pray for the safety of the folks fighting those fires. 

I got to visit with Bro. J.B. Kelley early last night and actually gave Miss Edith a ride home because Bro. Kerry is involved in a sleep study.  I will take Miss Edith back to the hospital this morning and we will bring Bro. J.B. home.  Cooter is using the same hospital which will allow me to visit/pray with him before he undergoes his surgery.  Paul Smith is having surgery at the VA in Biloxi today too so pray for him.

Word came to us yesterday morning that Amanda O’Bannon’s uncle, Lester Fultz, passed away.  This is Rachel’s father.  Please pray for this family. 

The visitation for Willie Pierre’s brother, Robert, will be tonight with the service tomorrow from the chapel of Mobile Memorial.  Pray for this family too. 

Lord willing, I am going to attend the AISA regional volleyball tournament today at Cottage Hill.  Cottage Hill and Faith are two of the four teams involved and my hope is that they will both advance to the state tourney this Saturday in Montgomery.  I am going to support Jessica & Jamie Hall who play for Faith and Erica Stringfellow who plays for Cottage Hill.  Brianne Woods is the official bookkeeper for Faith as she will be on the team next year so I will be supporting her too! 

Last word I heard from Bro. Benny was that we still needed a few coaches for our Upward teams.  Interested?  Contact Bro. Benny. 

Operation Homecoming is going nicely.  We had a couple of folks brave the weather yesterday to take care of a few things.  The rain revealed a couple of leaks in the fellowship hall.  We had not noticed these leaks until it rained – imagine that!  Some folks put together a nice bulletin board in the hallway of the fellowship hall which promotes Operation Homecoming and lists some of the projects needing to be completed.  Take your pick!  Please remember the work day on Saturday, 11/10. 

I didn’t hear from Bret Hart yesterday so I can only assume that the TN loss this past weekend was just too much for him!  I did get a chance to speak via the phone to our missionary friends in Canada, Mark & Tina Mast.  They are doing well and are enjoying temperatures in the 40’s during the day!  I look forward to our three days in the 40’s this Winter!

Miracles do happen!  I received an e-mail from my Aunt Alice Getting this morning.  She has advanced from simply knowing how to turn the computer on to sending an e-mail – amazing!  I was glad to hear from her and look forward to an ongoing communication. 

I hope that you will have a great day with Jesus. 

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  • Mark Mast says:

    Jesus is Lord in Rainy River 🙂

    It is another rainy day here… we are thankful for the break we had of rain for one day yesterday… Tina managed to get me out on the ladder to wash all of the second story windows of our hundred year old house before winter sets in. I actually enjoyed it!! Typically we have thousands of flies and lady bugs trying to hibernate in the windows, making a mess of everything. For some reason, this year there were relatively few, making the job much more pleasant! Thank you Lord!! Do you encounter this kind of phenomenon in the South?

    We (eight Canadians going to Guatemala in November) are soooooo glad that we can go a day early… USA Thanksgiving Day!!! Everyone is so glad to get there before the Yankees. Since our Thanksgiving was on October 8, we are grateful to be celebrating with the USA.

    It will be a plaesure to work with John King… a fellow Canadian, eh?!! I’m sure that some definite Canadian culture will become the norm as the Grace teams serve with him. It will be an HONOUR to serve with this NEIGHBOUR on the hill in Chimaltenango. I’m sure he will take everyone for many walks in the “BUSH” aroung the mission house. Who knows. you might all even learn to say “Zed” instead of “Z” when saying the alphabet! No more football either… from now on we will be playing HOCKEY!! Make sure that sticks and pucks are brought along for the next trip!

    Well, I have rambled long enough. We are so thakful to the Lord for His many blessings as we serve here in the Great White North!

    Joyously Serving Jesus,

    Mark Mast

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