FRIDAY, 2/18/11

Clara Broadus was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  Martha Patrick was put into a regular room.  As far as I know, everyone else remains about the same.  Carla Kyser had some tests done yesterday and is scheduled for more next week.  She has been experiencing some pain so pray that they can get her some relief.  Miss Jackie and her family did well through the funeral visitation/service and appreciate your prayer support.  Ty Bailey did well through his surgery too.  (Joe David wants us to take a love offering for them but it is not happening!)

As far as I know, Lisa’s uncle Howard Clark & her aunt Virginia Thornton remain hospitalized in Brandon, MS and Laurel, MS respectively.  Pray for them.

Harold Mast, father of Jill, Shari, Kathy, Kurt, is in the hospital in Holland, MI.  Pray for him.

A few news items for today – the governor in Ohio was ticketed in 2008 for failing to yield to a parked emergency vehicle.  He paid the $85 fine.  However, on 1/21/11, he was speaking to a group and brought up the incident calling the police officer an “idiot!”  He has now apologized for his choice of words as the “heat” has been applied!

Two TSA agents were arrested for allegedly taking $40,000 cash from a checked bag in a New York airport.  Here is my question – why would someone check a bag with $170,000 cash inside?

Otis Campbell (name changed to protect the person in question) waltzed into an Ohio police station asking to visit with an inmate.  He presented a business card with a lawyer’s name but he was not the lawyer.  Obviously (Otis) was drunk!  My question – did the person in question have T. Garrett’s business card?

Workers in El Paso, Texas were called to a home to repair pipes that had burst during a recent cold spell.  They found a reported almost $1 million dollars in the wall.

On to more important stuff – Bama beat LSWho in basketball last night.  Hooray!

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.  Go to church!

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