MONDAY, 6/20/11

I trust that everyone had a good Father’s Day.  I did in spite of the fact that I was not with three of our four daughters.  Dana & Gina sent me cards while Daphne sent me an e-mail.  I am a blessed father.

I did not get a report from home so I can only assume that all went well yesterday in the services.  Things went well here as we listened to Josue Chavis bring a message from Galatians 6:1-10.  It was not translated which meant some of our folks did not understand any of it but we still had a good time in worship.

It is my understanding that Louise Morris will have surgery tomorrow to remove her gall bladder.  Pray for her.

My MacBook Pro totally crashed Saturday.  Kirk Lightfield & Juan Marcos Ruiz are trying to repair it.  Please pray that they can get it up and going.  What happened?  Do not have a clue!

It is 3:20AM here and I am headed out the door for an airport run.  We have a team member who needs to go home.  Pray that she will find favor with Delta and get a seat on the respective flights.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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  • Chris Taylor says:

    I’m guessing your Hard Drive.

  • Rickey Barkley says:

    Teddy, I use a program called “Disk Warrior” when I have a problem with my Macs (2 of them). U use the CD as the Start Up disk and can diagnose and repair just about any problem with that program. Best Buy or the Computer Store are good sources for the software or U can borrow my copy. Hope this helps. It helps to run this program about every 3-6 months just to keep the Mac @ peak efficiency.

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