WEDNESDAY, 6/22/11

If you will read the comments on yesterday’s post, you will see that Bernard Suthoff’s daughter, Leasa, is back in a Jackson, MS hospital.  She has a sore on her back, has been running a fever, and other stuff.  Pray for her.

I have not gotten any other updates from home so I cannot comment on Louise Morris or others.  However, I do ask that you pray for her, those battling cancer, et cetera.

Deidra is flying home today as scheduled.  She has already checked in and is waiting to board the plane.  Pray for her safety in travel.  It has been good to have her here.

Believe it or not, Kirk Lightfield, Juan Marcos Ruiz, and another guy recovered the data from my old hard drive and installed a new hard drive on my laptop.  Amazing!  (At least to me!)  The cost?  $80 give or take a dollar or two.  And to think that all of these years I was thinking Chris Taylor was the computer guru!  I really give the Lord credit for fixing this problem and for using these guys to do it.  Thank you Kirk & Juan Marcos!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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