THURSDAY, 6/30/11

Wow, is June ’11 really gone?  The older folks used to talk about how time “flies” and the older I get the more I believe it!  I am still trying to get used to the 2000’s and now ten and one half years are gone in about a week’s time!

We had a good Wednesday.  It was a joy for me to be in the pulpit yesterday.  I will have to be honest in saying that I do enjoy our Wednesday morning service.  We have a faithful group that attends that service and the summer has not hurt that attendance.  We had a good crowd in our 7:00PM service too with several new faces.  Same for the 8:00PM service.  God is good!

Louise Morris went home from the hospital late yesterday afternoon.  The reason she did not go to the rehab facility is because a bed is not available.  That should change tomorrow.  Obviously, she did not have a bacterial infection.

Leasa Salter continues to recover from her surgery and remains hospitalized.  Keep praying.

Carla Kyser will receive another treatment today.  Pray for her.

Landon Joyner has his surgery tomorrow morning.  Pray for him.

We had hoped to hear from Emmy’s latest test yesterday but did not.  Maybe today.  Thanks for praying.

I did not get an update from Wild Week so I cannot give an update.  I did hear from Dale Bosarge and they are doing well leading a camp in Ohio.  Pray for both of these camps.

Remember, regular schedule on Sunday with something totally different in Sunday night’s service which will include the Lord’s Supper & baptism too.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

P.S. – I still do not have a cell phone so if you try to reach me via a call/text then it will not work.  The best route is 445-5416 and leave a voice mail which goes directly to my e-mail.  My new cell phone is on order.  Sorry for any inconvenience but I can say that not having a cell phone has been rather nice.

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