As I write this entry, Jim Sciple is having double by-pass surgery.  One of these is from his quadruple surgery of ten years ago and the other is a main artery on the front of his heart.  I visited with Jim & Jeannie early this morning and he is at perfect peace with the surgery and all it involves.  Pray for the doctor is performing this surgery, for Jim, and for Jeannie as she waits on the surgery to end.  Bro. Jerry is there with her as the surgery progresses. 

Wow!  Last night I heard the news reports of the father throwing his four children from the bridge leading to Dauphin Island.  It is the headline of today’s Mobile Press-Register which reports that he confessed to throwing his four children, ages 3, 2, 1, and 4 months old from the bridge at some point Monday morning.  He will be charged with four counts of capital murder but that doesn’t even seem sufficient if he in fact committed these terrible murders.  (Personally, I will not be surprise to hear him recant his confession in the near future)  My real hope is that he has told a lie regarding this and it proves to be false but that doesn’t appear likely.  We live in a dark world! 

We are on our regular schedule today with a service this morning at 10:00AM and then the usual evening activities. 

I hope you will have a great Wednesday with the Lord. 

P.S. – Our out of town blog readers can go to www.al.com and read the Press-Register story on the four children. 

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  • T. Garrett says:

    Brother Teddie,
    This tragedy is the very reminiscent of the Andrea Yates tragedy. As I am sure you remember Mrs. Yates drown her children in the Bath tub while her husband was working. I have had the good fortune to work with Jim Cohen, Esq. who worked on Mrs. Yates appeal by which she was declared mentally insane. It must be asked if the Father in this case understood what he was doing was wrong. Mrs. Yates felt that God was instructing her to kill her children and did not feel that it was wrong or a crime at the time. When mental illness is involved I feel the tragedy is multiplied and treatment and mercy are necessary.

    Although the facts relayed on http://www.al.com, especially the cover-up and motive, are not consistent with such a defense but it must be considered.

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