THURSDAY, 1/24/08

Good morning from somewhere east of Lexington, KY!  I was able to leave at 1:15Pm yesterday and arrived at I-64 at 11:00PM.  I think I am about 70 miles or so away from Olive Hill, KY which is where the funeral service for Miss Jackie Roe will take place today at 1:00PM.  (Once I got to TN then I had to keep driving because I wasn’t going to spend the night in TN!)

Bro. Jerry e-mailed me to say that we had a really strong attendance in our morning service yesterday (must of heard that I was out of town) and a good attendance in last night’s service.  Jamie Hall told me that Sean Garrick did a nice job of teaching our senior high students.  He even gave Josh Mott food & drink at the close of the service – nice guy!

Tina Rivers Wilkinson and Heidi Rivers Butler had an uncle, Ronnie Rivers, to pass away Tuesday but I do not know the arrangements.  Please pray for Ronnie’s mother and the entire family during this time of loss.

Bro. Jerry also told me that Miss Exie had a not so good day yesterday according to Kerry Woods.  Janice Moreland’s mother has been placed in a local hospital but I am not sure the problem.  Vaughn continues to receive his treatment but I don’t have an updated word. 

I visited with Gerald & Brenda at Buddy Poiroux’s visitation yesterday afternoon at Serenity before heading north.  Again, I think Gerald is having surgery today. 

Deidra told me via the phone last night of a young couple serving as missionaries.  He is a graduate of Mid America Seminary where Deidra is in her final semester.  This couple came home and he went on a mission trip.  The wife was killed in an automobile accident Tuesday night.  They were flying him home but I don’t think he knows the end result of the accident.  I will perhaps have more details in my next entry but please pray for this young missionary. 

I am concerned for my friend, Eric Folkers, from the Vriesland Reformed Church in Michigan.  He led a student group to Nevada this past summer and I read last night where they arrested a lady for having three trees cut down that were federally protected.  (I find it odd that trees get federal protection in the US but unborn humans don’t)  You would have to know the whole story to understand my concern! Is Eric going to jail? LOL!

My plans are to attend the visitation and funeral today and then drive to Decatur, AL.  (This will keep me from having to drive through Knoxville again) I hope to let my sister-in-law, Sue, treat me to supper as she leaves to return to China on 2/1.  I then plan on driving home unless my body says no! 

I appreciate the folks who have prayed for me and those who were willing to make this trip with me.  It is good to be blessed with a great church family.

I hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus.   

P.S. – Parents of our middle school and high school students are to remember the Wild Week ’08 meeting this Sunday night. 

P.S.S. – College and high school students participating on a GRACE trip this summer must submit their gourmet apple orders by next Wednesday, 1/30. 

P.S.S.S. – It could have been worse last night as I could have been driving through Arkansas!  Good morning Bret!

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