TUESDAY, 1/29/08

This technology baffles me!  I posted yesterday afternoon and went online last night to read something only to discover that my entry wasn’t on the website.  I don’t really know what I did but after pressing a few buttons and saying a prayer I found it and was able to post it last night.  Sorry for the delay! 

Yesterday’s entry was late so I am making up for it today as this one is being posted at 1:15AM. 

I have seemingly made enough mistakes recently to do me for a great while.  Someone came by yesterday to make me aware of one I made in recent days and all I could do was apologize, ask for forgiveness, and move on.  I am thankful that God forgives and forgets!  I like grace! 

Another one of my more recent mistakes was brought to my attention by one of our blog readers.  Last Friday, I mentioned the missionary couple serving in Ethiopia and had been led to believe they were with the IMB.  However, my assumption was wrong!  I apologize for that mistake too and ask for your forgiveness and understanding.  The husband, children, and other family members still need our prayers as they deal with this tragedy. 

Wilfred Johnson is the retired president of the seminary in Chimaltenango, Guatemala and is our next door neighbor on GRACE mountain.  His mother, 98, passed away yesterday morning around 6:30AM.  She lived in Montgomery, Alabama.  I don’t know the arrangements but do ask that you pray for Wilfred and his family during this time of grief. 

I have some Yankee friends celebrating their birthday today.  Elizabeth Compagner from Michigan is celebrating her 26th birthday.  Miriam Mast from Canada is celebrating her 16th birthday!  I guess that means a new car, the right to date, and other benefits – right Mark?  Happy birthday Elizabeth & Miriam!

If you live in Mobile County and will be out of town next Tuesday, 2/5, then I encourage you to go vote tomorrow, 1/30, in the presidential primaries.  Each registered voter needs to vote!  If you need to know who to vote for, please don’t ask Josh Woods as he is so off base in his political views!  I know Kerry & Sherry raised that boy better! 

I hope you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus! 

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  • Mark Mast says:

    Brother Teddie,

    Don’t feel bad about your entry not being posted yesterday… the other day I tried replying to your blog entry and although it posted for a short while, a little later in he day it was gone!! I’m guessing that the content was deemed inappropriate by your theological filtering device???? (Although, I don’t recall delving into anything theological…) I’m still bewildered. That being said, I will try again today and see what happens.

    Yes, Miriam is a sweet 16 today!! Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂 She will not be dating any time soon… if I can help it… As to driving, this past Saturday, I was out with her for over an hour, giving her driving lessons on Lake of the Woods… Yes, you read correctly. I even had our 10 year old Ben out driving our car on the lake. This time of year provides a marvelous opportunity to give your kids “driver’s training” with no fear of accidents, ditches, or law enforcement intervention. The ice is three feet thick and so there is no fear of losing your car either!

    We also took a sled along and pulled it behind the car with a long rope. Great FUN!!

    Once again, thanks for the birthday wishes to our beautiful “rosebud” Miriam! 🙂

    Loving Jesus in the Great White North!!

    Mark Mast

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