WEDNESDAY, 1/30/08

The thing that has dominated my thought life and prayer life for the past 24 hours or so has been Carla Felps Kyser’s situation.  The doctor found several spots with activity yesterday which means she is now going to receive six treatments of chemotherapy.  She will begin next Monday, 2/4, going three weeks, taking a week off, and then going three more weeks.  A scan will then be performed to see what is happening and a decision made then as to the next step.  Carla has an upbeat and positive attitude.  I ask you to fervently pray for Carla during these next seven weeks. 

Miss Exie Woods was moved to a rehab center on Monday.  I am not sure how long they anticipate her being there but pray that this will help in the recovery process.  Vaughn Womack continues in his battle against leukemia.  He has finished his first round of treatment and is now in a waiting period but will remain hospitalized during this time.

Shannon Young is having a surgical procedure done today.  As I understand it, they are going to replace his pace maker and defibrillator.  Bro. Kerry will be with him for this surgery. 

Bro. Jerry Hovel is having an outpatient procedure performed today too.  I don’t know if he wants that known but too late now!  Pray for all of these aforementioned needs!

I am leaving fairly early this morning to attend the funeral service for Wilfred Johnson’s mother.  It will take place from the Cornerstone Bible Church in Montgomery, AL.  Jerry Whitmore will fill in for me this morning.  Lord willing, I will be back for the evening Bible studies and service. 

Today is deadline Wednesday.  GRACE ’08 and Wild Week deposits are due as are all orders for the gourmet apples. 

The presidential primaries are nearing the “full swing” mode with super Tuesday rapidly approaching.  Folks in Baldwin & Mobile counties have the unique opportunity to vote today or next Tuesday, 2/5.  I am going to try to vote today just in case something prevents me from doing so next week.  I encourage all registered voters to go vote!  Again, do not take political advice from Josh Woods.  T. Garrett Wright says he is a political guru but I would not feel so comfortable taking his advice either!  LOL!

You need to read Mark Mast’s comment added to yesterday’s entry. 

Pastor Travis, talked to our friend yesterday and we are good to go.  Bret, why you leaving me hanging?  Shari, check your e-mail from last night.  Queen, do something!

Hope you have a great Wednesday with Jesus! 

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