TUESDAY, 5/29/12

One of the best things going for me right now is that Faith Academy finished their school year last Wednesday.  That means to morning trips to Mobile which means that I can be in the garden at the crack of dawn each day.  (It was after 6:00AM before I got there this morning but it was good to pick okra, peppers, tomatoes, and egg plants)  I do enjoy the whole gardening thing!

It was an uneventful Memorial Day for me as I never left the property.  After finishing in the garden, I changed the blades on my mower and then mowed a little bit of grass before going Eddie Hall/Bobby Stork as I washed my mower.

I called Sherry Howell last night to check on Gunnar.  He is going to be in the hospital for a minimum of two weeks.  Wow!  Chris, Sherry & Gunnar definitely need our prayer support.

I also called Bro. Johnny Tucker to check on his son, Heath, as he will be having surgery this morning.  Pray that all will go well through the surgery.

Sommer Brock sent me an e-mail asking us to pray for Troy’s cousin as it was her four year old son who drowned in Theodore on Sunday night.  Pray for the Skipper family.

Katelyn Tillman sent an e-mail asking us to pray for her great-grandmother, Katy Neilson, as she is in the hospital.  She has several thing wrong with her which is odd since she is 85 years old and does not even take daily medications.

My dad sees the oncologist today.  Hopefully, they can give him some word on the spot that has shown in the past two ultrasounds.

Just because a team retires the number of basically every player to ever play for them does not make them great.  Celtic fans live in the past!  In the past five years the Lakers have won two titles with no other team winning more than one.  I tried to pull for the C’s last night but just could not do it.  Could not pull for the Heat either.  Commissioner Stern should just recognize the Spurs/Thunder series as the championship series and award the trophy to the winner!  The (L)East conference is weak!

Loyola won the men’s NCAA lacrosse championship yesterday as they defeated Maryland 9 – 3.  They finished the year at 18-1 which is remarkable considering they were not even ranked when the season began.

The Finance Committee and the Personnel Committee both have meetings tonight.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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  • Liz Cole says:

    It’s a small world. Our Bethani has a half-sister named Hannah. Hannah is Gabe’s, the four yr. old that drowned, sister. The family is devastated. My brother, Jack also worked with Gabe’s daddy and said that he has recently had a stroke ( a young man) and is out of work. The devil is hitting this family very hard.

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