This is actually being written late Saturday night but I figure most folks will not read it until Sunday or Monday.  We had a blessed work day with a good number of folks participating and much was accomplished.  Thank you to each person who helped in any way!

Sherry Woods did well in surgery.  The doctor placed a plate and some screws in her leg so pray that it will help relieve the pain and heal properly.  If all goes well, she will go home on Monday.

Bro. Johnny Tucker did well in receiving the defibrillator for his heart.  He spent Friday night in the hospital.   

It is highly possible that we will need some people to help off load the contents of a trailer into the container one morning this week.  I will let you know once we have received word from Louisiana. 

Many folks have been asking about my dad and his situation.  Thank you for caring.  He had a biopsy done this past Monday and is scheduled to meet with the oncologist this Thursday to discuss the results. 

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